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  • Plant Based frames. Stronger and comfier than "normal' plastic!

  • High quality polarised lenses, reducing 99% of glare, enhancing clarity and protecting your eyes against 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

  • Our sunglasses are made from a renewable source of wood pulp (cellulose acetate) There is no petroleum, coal, oil or gas used in their construction, as is reliant on plastic sunglasses. 
    They are bio degradable, hypoallergenic, strong, flexible, and soft and smooth to touch making them extremely long lasting and comfortable. 

  • Not only do we not contribute to damage to the environment during the manufacturing process, but this material is so much stronger than plastic sunglasses that they do not need to be thrown out and replaced as often, therefore, less contribution to waste. 

Our remaining Amalfi's are our factory seconds so we are selling them at a huge discounted rate!
Get in quick, these wont last long!

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