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Who We Support

We are official Proudly Supporting Partners of Sea Shepherd Australia.
For every pair of sunglasses we sell online, we donate $1each to this amazing non for profit organization that shares our values.

Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit marine conservation organization dedicated to protecting and preserving marine life and ecosystems in Australian waters and beyond. The organization is part of the larger global Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, founded by Captain Paul Watson in 1977. Sea Shepherd Australia focuses on a range of initiatives and activities to safeguard the oceans:

  1. Direct Action Campaigns: Sea Shepherd Australia is known for its direct action campaigns that involve confronting illegal and destructive activities in the oceans. This can include patrolling and intervening to stop illegal fishing, such as shark finning or poaching of endangered species like the Antarctic Toothfish.

  2. Conservation and Research: The organization conducts scientific research and conservation efforts to support marine wildlife. They gather data on marine life, conduct beach cleanups, and engage in habitat restoration projects.

  3. Public Awareness and Education: Sea Shepherd Australia raises public awareness about marine conservation issues through outreach programs, documentaries, and educational initiatives. They aim to inspire individuals to make sustainable choices and reduce their impact on the marine environment.

  4. Collaboration with Authorities: Sea Shepherd collaborates with relevant government agencies and law enforcement to promote and enforce marine conservation laws. They provide valuable information and evidence to aid in the prosecution of illegal fishing and environmental crimes.

  5. Fleet of Vessels: Sea Shepherd Australia operates a fleet of ships and boats equipped for various tasks, including patrolling protected marine areas, conducting research, and engaging in rescue operations.

Overall, Sea Shepherd Australia plays a critical role in protecting Australia's rich marine biodiversity and advocating for sustainable and ethical practices in the world's oceans. Their commitment to direct action and marine conservation efforts makes them a prominent force in the fight to preserve our planet's oceans.

Did you know? 50% of all plastic produced is single use with a lifespan of just 12 minutes!! 😲 And if we don't do something about this now, by 2050 the plastic in our ocean will outweigh the fish! 
We are very proud of the partnership we have and if you would like to learn more about their mission then you can follow the link to their website: 

Sea Shepherd Australia -
Much love, Sam
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