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Our Mission

-Mission Statement-

Shade Eyewear is a growing sustainable eyewear business born on the Gold Coast and ran by an every day man. A plumber by day, he is a hard working Aussie with a passion for sustainability and a desire to do everything he can to preserve the Earth for future generations.

We believe that everyone has the right to live in a sustainable future and we want to help contribute to that future. By producing sustainable eyewear and apparel for those who share our values and love of this amazing world we live in, we believe that future is on our horizon.
Through plant based materials or re purposing plastic, moulding it into stylish sunglasses complete with polarised, plant based lenses, we ship your Shade Eyewear Sunnies in a beautifully crafted, sustainable Bamboo
box directly to your door with a personalised note expressing how much your order means to us and our collective future.

Because in that future we have the opportunity to reach more people and grow our cause so that we can have more impact and leave more of a legacy behind.

If you have read this far, we thank you so much and ask that you support Shade Eyewear and our vision of a sustainable future because one day, your support of this emerging sunglass company could be making a massive difference to our world.

-The End Goal-

To pull plastic from Australia’s Oceans to create timeless eyewear using Australian manufacturers and business. Through this goal we aim to reduce the impact fast fashion has on this beautiful Earth and raise awareness so that more people can learn how to make eco-friendly, conscious decisions.

Thank you,
Sam - Shade Eyewear
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