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Customer Reviews

Quite simply THE BEST! From the packaging to the brands values. I couldn't ask more from a sunglass brand! BEST SUNNIES I have ever worn without a doubt! Highly recommend.

- Joanna Fox
2 months ago

Absolutely love Shade Eyewear! So many cute designs & the quality is
better than any other sunnies I’ve owned! Highly recommend!

- Emily-Ann Marskell
3 weeks ago

Absolutely love our new shade eyewear! I got a pair for myself and my husband and we are both stoked. They are so comfortable, super stylish and the lenses are awesome! I would definitely recommend these!

- Jamie Ryan
3 months ago

I love love LOVE my shades! Couldn’t help myself buy purchasing two pairs. They truly are of good quality and the polarised lenses make colours pop like crazy. They are now my staples to daily wear 🌞

- Naomi Hughes
4 months ago

I've got two pairs and love them! High quality glass, polarized lenses and plant based sustainable frames - what's not to like! I literally take a pair everywhere I go! 👌

- Ben Emrich
5 months ago

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